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We encounter many challenges along our paths that require us to slow down and understand (interpret) our emotions and thoughts before taking action or problem solving. Often such difficult encounters can lead to symptoms representative of inner conflicts and desires and reveal early attachment patterns that are no longer serving us well. Working with a mental health professional can help you develop more insight and change rigidly held patterns.


Relationships, both past and present, form templates for future relationships and for the ways that current situations are unfolding and affecting your thinking-feeling-perceiving patterns. 


My practice philosophy is grounded in the belief that we naturally strive toward growth, safety, and making relationships fulfilling. Talk therapy is a way of unpacking anxiety and other distressing symptoms that unconsciously undermine this striving. Talk therapy reveals how our mind works and is an effective method of developing self-awareness and feeling empowered. 


Psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy opens up space where emotional conflicts can be explored and rigidly held beliefs fueling distress and symptoms can be re-interpreted. Re-interpretation (or ascribing new meanings) is the foundation for change and developing healthier ways of coping, symptom relief and self-acceptance. 


I have worked with children and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, and OCD, as well as sleep related disturbances and adjustment disorders. I provide play therapy for toddlers and school-aged children, psychotherapy for adolescents, parenting support, and counseling for families whose children are experiencing difficulties in school or other settings.

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